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Female Voice Talent ☆ Voiceover Artist ☆ ISDN Voiceover Talent ☆ Kelley Buttrick
Female Voiceover Talent

What Clients Say

Kelley = Rock
Chadd, Krash Creative
Kelley is a true pro with a gifted voice that infuses even the most difficult scripts with realness, warmth and energy. Her talent and attention to detail are exemplary.
Stuart, Dubey Tunes Studio
'She is seriously such a freaking rock star! Her tone, pitch, and emphasis were perfect,' is what my client said about Kelley. They were going for a specific feel, and she couldn’t have matched it any better.
Annie, Ydraw
Kelley, you are the Johnny Depp to my Tim Burton.
Adam, CenterLine Digital
Kelley, you make my life easy on these sessions. Any possibility you could clone yourself?
Gopal, Acoustech
Working with Kelley is like using a Ginsu knife to cut butter. It’s almost too easy. Her ability to take direction never ceases to amaze me. You only have to tell her something once, and she has it nailed. She makes a director’s life so easy.
Matt, Prolifik
Kelley delivers the voice to match your message.

Kelley Buttrick, a female voice talent, specializes in matching the vocal attitude to the message. Her voiceover clients often comment on her professionalism, easy adaptation to direction and rapid turnarounds. Through her business KB Voiceovers, she's worked as a voice actor on a wide variety of projects for regional, national and international clients including radio and television commercials, non-broadcast narrations, and even a train.