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Female Voiceover Talent

What Clients Say

Kelley, you are the Johnny Depp to my Tim Burton.

Adam, CenterLine Digital

'She is seriously such a freaking rock star! Her tone, pitch, and emphasis were perfect,' is what my client said about Kelley. They were going for a specific feel, and she couldn’t have matched it any better.

Annie, Ydraw

Kelley is a true pro with a gifted voice that infuses even the most difficult scripts with realness, warmth and energy. Her talent and attention to detail are exemplary.

Stuart, Dubey Tunes Studio

As the writer of this script, it's thrilling to hear you bring the words I've written to life! You sound just like the voice in my head while I was writing it.

Cate, SAI

Kelley, you make my life easy on these sessions. Any possibility you could clone yourself?

Gopal, Acoustech

Too much fun cutting character VO with KB. Damn she's good.

John, Dog & Pony Studios, John, Dog & Pony Studios

Kelley Buttrick...always smiling, prepared, and early to the session. That alone makes her a pleasure to book. But there's more...she strives for excellence and brings enthusiasm and energy to every voiceover project. She makes my job as a director easy.

John, ProComm Voices

I know we are not your biggest-ticket client, but you are always there for us...always going that extra mile...the mile everyone talks about, but few walk. You are an amazing talent on so many levels!

Trent, Krash Creative

You are ABSOLUTELY the best, Kelley!

David, Mojo Solo

Kelley = Rock

Chadd, Krash Creative

Kelley's willingness to do whatever it takes to make our presentation sound perfect makes her the business partner we enjoy working with the most. No matter what the needs, she's always delivered for us and on time. With partners like her, we can rest easy.

Dave, The A.I. Group

Kelley is a true pro with a great ability to conform her read to the feel of the copy as if she wrote the words herself. After running Kelley through the wringer in a session, I realized there nothing she cannot do in the booth! I was so impressed that I turned one of my clients on to Kelley’s voice, and he booked her on the spot!

Zak, 50to1 Studios

When the agency gives you a silent thumbs up and nods at the onset of the session, you know they are thrilled with your casting recommendation.  Kelley is a pro - easy to work with and quite flexible.  I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to connect with her.

Margherita, Cotton Hill Studios, Inc.

You sounded great and made us all feel good. There's a lot of love comin' from the agency - and me! Always a pleasure.

Dennis, Soundworks Voices

Kelley stands apart in a crowded industry with tons of professionals and semi-professionals looking to make a living with their voice. Kelley makes her living building relationships with clients, colleagues, studios, talent reps and, I imagine, just about everybody that crosses into her circle of influence. It takes something more to build and maintain strong relationships and that's what she does – with a winning personality, quick wit, memorable voice, dedication to her craft and genuine level of care and interest in others that I haven't often seen in an industry where talent tends to be extremely self-focused as individuals build their own brand. Kelley is clearly a talented voice pro that I would recommend for any broadcast project. Even better, she's truly a joy to work with – the kind of person you try to find projects for and look forward to working with again.

Jason, Bull & Beard

Let me say that I was beyond pleased with the work you did for us. You have helped to elevate our eLearning.

Belinda, MurphyUSA

Working with Kelley is a pleasure. She’s bright, energetic and brings a believable elegance to every project.

John, The Groundcrew Recording Studios

Working with you has always been such a pleasure. Not only do we love you for your amazing talent, but also for your ability to read into the client's wants and needs. We appreciate your willingness to help us out in tricky situations. We know video production is a complicated process, and you have assisted in making the Ydraw process painless! We love you, but most importantly our clients LOVE YOU. Thanks for all you do!

Haley, Ydraw

Working with Kelley is like using a Ginsu knife to cut butter. It’s almost too easy. Her ability to take direction never ceases to amaze me. You only have to tell her something once, and she has it nailed. She makes a director’s life so easy.

Matt, Prolifik

Kelley ROCKS!

Joel, WTKS

You are the poster girl for client relations and customer service for VO artists.

Chuck, MSM Marketing and hearchucknow.com

Thank you for the quick turn around and fabulous personality in the read!

Seth, Wyndham Vacation Ownership

It goes without saying that Kelley's talent is tremendous and she always emulates total professionalism in her business.

Charles, Acura of Athens

I can always count on Kelley to outperform expectations. She grasps concepts quickly and presents them in exactly the way instructed. However, she is always experimenting with direction and on many occasions she has added much to the original request. I know that when I work with Kelley, I will get a finished product, quickly, professionally, and always more than I expected.

Jim, Response Mine

Kelley's voice is amazing. We received 130+ voice over submissions for our new corporate video, and Kelley was the best. Her inflections and cadence are perfect, and she fits our brand and target customers perfectly!

Dane, OptimizeHire

Professional, courteous and easy to work with on every project. Has a great range with her voice and can adjust to the clients' needs per project or adjust on the fly during a recording session. Experienced in the craft of creating and delivering high-quality VO.

Lyn, LG Pictures

I was hesitant to hire someone to narrate my financial-planning webinar; something I felt I could easily do myself. After hearing Kelley's work, I decided to take a chance on her professional talent. Kelley's enthusiasm and energy elevated my webinar to a higher level. Our collaboration brought important material to life - material that is often though to be quite dry and sometimes even dull. Kelley has the ability to use her voice to encourage and educate. I am ecstatic about the results and look forward to branding our webinar series with her voice.

Laurel, The A.I. Group

Kelley has voiced the station promotional liners and commercials for station clients for more than 5 years. She is as comfortable doing a hard-sell, high-energy spot as she is doing a soft and sultry, low-key advertisement. Kelley is reliable, dedicated, and upbeat. She multitasks effectively and takes direction well to make sure the client gets exactly the kind of spot they are looking for. She has my highest recommendation.

Chip, WDDK

There are myriad reasons that Kelley is known around town as a business "angel." She is incredibly kind, sincere, and professional, and always eager to help out a great cause. I was immediately taken by her skills, particularly her ability to create a persona for companies that is finely tuned to represent their respective brand personality and values. Indeed, Kelley offers clients a tremendous amount of value by way of outstanding quality and service, and I recommend her without hesitation.

Stephen, Perfect Pitch Concepts

Thank you very much for the excellent voiceover recordings. I didn’t expect them so fast….your service is much appreciated. I can only assume that your family takes you to a lot of Atlanta Braves games where they encourage you to study the home run hitters, because you hit these recordings right out of the park, just like you did on the last job for us.

Leonard, Avteo LLC

Kelley-you are a real find for us! You do great work, are a pleasure to work with, and very generous too. I think Kelley and Soundworks will have long beautiful relationship!

Barry, Soundworks