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What They Say


Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what my clients say.

When I first started my business, advisors cautioned me to keep my clients at arms’ length, but I ignored them. How could I not want to get to know the creative people behind the copy I was voicing, the insightful people behind the directions being given, and the brilliant people putting all the different parts together into the creative content?

So many of my clients have become dear friends, some as close as family to me. If I had listened to those early advisors, I would have missed out on friendships that mean the absolute world to me.

The voiceover industry is unlike any other. For the most part, we voice actors embrace each other as colleagues and collaboration partners rather than competition. As the old saying goes, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Many of my female voice actor competitors have become my soul sisters with listening ears, sage advice and genuine friendship always at the ready for each other.

She’s seriously one of the best voice talents I’ve worked with.


Goods & Services

Kelley is by far the EASIEST person to work with on voiceover recordings and projects!  She’s always on top of the script, tone and project background well before the recording begins and is amazing at incorporating real time feedback during the sessions.  My favorite direction to Kelley was something like “make it sound like in the Wizard of Oz when the film changes from black and white to color” and she not only understood that but totally made it happen!  Kelley’s always my first call and always so much fun to work with!



Kelley Buttrick has a great voice, but she brings so much more to the creative table. On a recent national tv ad project for Spiceworld, she made my job so much easier. Her flexibility and energetic willingness to explore multiple approaches helped quickly sell the concept up and made us all feel like hero’s. In my 25 years in this business, I consider her a top choice talent who is a pleasure to collaborate with.



I know we are not Kelley’s biggest-ticket client, but she is always there for us…always going that extra mile…the mile everyone talks about, but few walk. Kelley is an amazing talent on so many levels!


Krash Creative

Kelley’s VO recordings always hit it out of the park on the first try. She is also a very nice human. (She has generously done me favors I am pretty sure I didn’t deserve.)


Hands Down Studios

Not only do I know Kelley’s going to give me the perfect read, but I know the session will actually be enjoyable with no stress – cuz trust me, that’s not always the case. She makes it great with her positive attitude, which is contagious.  I also know that the sound will be on point because she has an amazing home studio setup. So, in restaurant terms – 5 stars I wish I could give a 6!


iHeart Creative Services

Kelley is the total package – great voice, great acting, quickly adapts to direction, studio is perfect and she’s a pro to work with. I wish we had a hundred more just like her.


Sheppard Agency

Within minutes, I felt like we’ve been working together for years. Timing is one thing. Attitude is another.

Tom R.

Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife

She makes my life easy in session. Kelley, Any possibility you could clone yourself?



Kelley is a favorite, go-to voice talent for our agency. She has great range, follows direction, and suggests positive solutions, She’s professional, efficient and easy to work with.


Purdie Rogers

Kelley always brings a positive can do attitude to her work, and always exceeds the expectations of our clients. Along with her affable demeanor, she is a total professional, capable of any style of VO that is required for the job.



Wisdom, elegance, and the art of technique.  She sounds like the best friend you ever had; effortlessly cool, melodic with a wink in her eye. If they could all sound like they wanted to, they’d all sound like Kelley.


Hartmann Studios

Kelley’s voice is captivating and expressive. She brought a whole new level of emotion to our project. Not only is she professional and reliable, but she also took the time to understand what we wanted and delivered exactly what we needed. She’s a true pro with great attention to detail. I highly recommend Kelley Buttrick if you’re looking for a female voiceover artist who can really bring your project to life!

Leigh Ann


Kelley is my #1 go-to voiceover talent. The most amazing voice, but also the nicest person you have ever met, and the entire process is a breeze because she’s got her own pro recording studio in her house. I can’t recommend her strongly enough – she’s a pure joy to work with and super talented.


SFC Group

She nails it every time.


Rough Cut Productions

Kelley is an upbeat, energetic performer who never fails to deliver. She’s always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the success of our campaigns.


Asher Agency

Kelley is professional, responsive, talented, courteous, and will do whatever it takes to get the project done right. And unlike most of the customer service people at that major retailer, her voice, inflection, read, and timing are usually flawless on the first take.


Ingersoll et al

She intuitively grasps the tone we’re looking for, and her work is bulletproof. Kelley always makes my writing sound better than it is.


Waveguide Studios

It’s not too often you find a voice-talent that checks all the boxes; Exceptional voice-tone, diverse read-styles, high level of reliability, affordability and flexibility. Kelley Buttrick is that voice-talent. She has been a value asset to our company for over 10 years now and has never left us down. Kelley always finds the perfect way to bring any script to life


Waterfall Media Group

Put aside the fact that Kelley already has the chops—a buttery, yet versatile, set of pipes with great interpretation. She is also a pleasure to work with. When you have clients on your back, are under pressure to meet a deadline, AND have be creative, having an instant team player-for-hire goes a long way. Kelley comes into the booth with an awesome attitude and will go to the nth “take” until you’re happy.

Dave Stoelk


Kelley makes it sound just like the voice in my head while I was writing it.



Avoid working with Kelley Buttrick at all costs. Seriously. Just don’t. You will be spoiled to the point that you’ll want to use her all the time for every single thing because, honestly, she can be used for every…single…thing. She takes direction like she’s reading your mind—spooky—and delivers consistently great performances. So, yeah… You’ve been warned. Book her at your peril. (You’re welcome!)



Kelley is the best voice talent I’ve worked with in 10 years. She has so much more than a great voice: her responsiveness to direction, professionalism, communication skills, kindness, creativity, flexibility, just to name a few. Hire Kelley for your national campaign so she can trick out her Jeep and make your ads great.


DJB Video

Kelley is a true professional who understands direction, cadence, timing, pacing, inflection and, best of all…she sounds believable! A true artist. A true craftsperson. The cream of the female voiceover crop.


Cameron Advertising

Kelley is the consummate professional. I’ve called on her voiceover talents for a variety of projects and she always knows just the right tone, speed, and emphasis to provide. She’s easy to work with and always responsive if I request changes.


Bear in Mind Strategies.

I am so pleased with the voice over work Kelley helped our team with. She was very professional, and friendly during the session, took direction well, and we got exactly what we needed for our project. I highly recommend Kelley!

Leeanne B.


I have been working with Kelley for years now, and I could not speak more highly of her. She is the consummate professional and makes it so easy to work with her. I can sit in on the recording sessions and provide live feedback, discussing different tones and styles. My teams of creatives also always share high praises about her. If you have a voiceover need, whether you’re experienced with voice talent or not, she will make the experience wonderful from start to finish.


Kimberly-Clark then Carelon

Kelley is the kind of VO actor that you hope to work with. She is tuned in to what the client is looking for and can understand and react to direction very well. She is a whole lot of fun to work with too!

Tim R.

Audio Mixer

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