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Time Your Script App

What is the free Time Your Script app?

Well, it does what it says: Times your script…and it’s free.

Download it in the App Store and Google Play.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. Here’s why I had it made.

I love my clients and wanted to help them. Not being an app developer, I hired two whipsmart students with an eye for design, and they knocked it outta the park!

Like it?

I’m a voiceover talent, not a word getter outer. It would be so helpful if you shared the Time Your Script with your friends and colleagues.

Please forward this webpage link, Tweet about it, share on Facebook and Linkedin.

Thanks so much!

Oh, and if you use the app, please let me know what you think! hello@kbvoiceovers.com.

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Time Your Script App – Testimonials

Major time saver!

So many times we have to pour over copy to make the right cuts. This helps in a major way and I’m thrilled Kelley took the time to make this a thing.

Jon R.

I use this app almost every day!

This is the ideal app for people who are creating audio and video scripts every day. So simple to use, and I love being able to put in either the copy itself OR the word count to find the voiceover length. Such an invaluable tool!

Tracy L.

Great little app! Works perfectly.

I tested this against several produced spots and it’s very accurate. Great idea.


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Kelley Buttrick is a professional voiceover talent whose pre-VO life included stints in marketing, PR and media. She colors outside of professional lines, becoming great friends with many of her clients. They get together and love to brainstorm cool (FREE) stuff that people in creative fields find helpful. Kelley's voiceover credits include commercials and narrations for brands like McDonald’s, IBM, Michelin, Country Crock, Feeding America, Centers for Disease Control, Sport Clips, Clinique, ESPN, Disney and many more.

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