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Business Practice Playlist

Dig Down

Performed by: Muse
DJ: Kelley Buttrick, voiceover talent and owner of KB Voiceovers


How to Dig Down
3 tricks to dig down and find a way

Muse came out with a song, “Dig Down,” that has nothing to do with business but offers fantastic business advice.

Break It Down
Feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of your end goal? As my mom always says, “You eat the elephant one bite at a time.” Dig down into that epic goal and start breaking it into bite-sized pieces.

Find the Feeling
Lost confidence? Dig down and find it in the feeling of past victories. Carve out five minutes and reflect on past accomplishments, times you overcame obstacles, moments you succeeded despite naysayers. The confidence you felt then will fuel the confidence you need now.

Remember Your Why
They say, “It can’t be done.” Dig down and revisit your big why. The reason you wanted this in the first place is a huge motivator to move forward. Write it down and stick it all over the place as a constant reminder.

When you’re overwhelmed, your self-confidence is gone, and you feel like it can’t be done, dig down.

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Why the Business Practice Playlist? Where some people find romantic inspiration or work out motivation in music, voiceover talent Kelley Buttrick finds business wisdom in the words. Fortunately, her creative and successful business friends do too, hence the birth of the Business Practice Playlist. In this blog, DJs spin experience and advice for fellow music lovers working in creative fields.

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