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Business Practice Playlist

Don’t You Forget About Me

Performed by: Simple Minds
DJ: Kelley Buttrick, voiceover talent and owner of KB Voiceovers

Hey Clients, Don’t You Forget About Me!
Tips to Stay Top of Mind?

“I can’t wait to work with you again,” enthuses the client after the project wraps. Then? Crickets.

It’s almost like being ghosted, but it hits your bottom line instead of your heart. Simple Minds sang all about it in the iconic ‘80s classic, “Don’t You Forget About Me.”

So how can you stay top of mind with a client if slow change is pulling you apart? Keep it very personal or you might be dancing alone.

Look Their Way
Be on the watch for articles, videos, blogs, etc. that might be of interest to your clients. It’s the perfect door opener to send an email with a link to what you’ve found, and at the bottom of this email your signature line includes all your contact information, of course.

For example, if a client mentions that they follow a band from Athens, the music town where I live, I will shoot a short email their way with a link to the local paper when a story appears about that band.

Call Their Name
Follow your clients on social media and congratulate them on business accomplishments with a share. Make sure to make it all about them and not a venue for you to grandstand about your own business. No need to mention yourself at all, since your name is on post.

Many of my clients win creative awards, and social media is a great place to shout out their victories. It’s also nice to give credit where credit is due and a rising tide lifts all boats, so if I know who it is, I like to tag the voice talent involved with the winning project as well.

Walk on Out to the Mailbox
Grandma was onto something. An old-school thank-you note goes a long way. When the project is done, sit down and express your gratitude in writing.

I don’t think my grandmother could have imagined Inc. Magazine flying a film crew to my house to do a little video story exploring how snail mail has been a win for my business all because she used to make me sit down at her kitchen table and write thank-you notes.

These are just a few of the many ways to make sure your clients don’t forget about you.

What are some ways you stay top of mind?

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Why the Business Practice Playlist? Where some people find romantic inspiration or work out motivation in music, voiceover talent Kelley Buttrick finds business wisdom in the words. Fortunately, her creative and successful business friends do too, hence the birth of the Business Practice Playlist. In this blog, DJs spin experience and advice for fellow music lovers working in creative fields.

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