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Business Practice Playlist

Gardening at Night

Performed by: R.E.M.
DJ: John Spalding, creative director/copywriter


I don’t know what this early R.E.M. gem was truly about… Stipe always just sort of “skatted” the lyrics…But the metaphor really holds up if you think about it in terms of a successful consulting/freelance practice. The work you put in when you aren’t booked always bears fruit; cold calling, networking, being nice, following up, not complaining, and on the other side of that, the work of invoicing and collecting and being responsible to your client, which means they’re more likely to call on you again. There’s always a harvest in freelance, but there’s also a winter. Be sure to keep a few nuts stored in the pantry.


John Spalding says the key to successful freelance is how hard you work when you’re not working.


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Why the Business Practice Playlist? Where some people find romantic inspiration or work out motivation in music, voiceover talent Kelley Buttrick finds business wisdom in the words. Fortunately, her creative and successful business friends do too, hence the birth of the Business Practice Playlist. In this blog, DJs spin experience and advice for fellow music lovers working in creative fields.

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