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Taking a wild ride through video production (from pro to homespun), professional voiceover talent Kelley Buttrick put forth an all-wheel-drive effort to maximize the medium for her #KB4Jeep campaign.

KB4Jeep won 4 Telly Awards including the highest Telly, a Silver, for the overall KB4Jeep campaign. KB4Jeep’s Jeep Hair We Care video series won a Bronze Telly. Both the KB4Jeep introductory and finale videos won Bronze Tellys as well for “Jeep Meet Kelley. Kelley, Well She Already Knows Jeep” and for “Jeep’s 4 Core Values.”

With help from professional friends, Kelley shared the Jeep stories of others as well as her own through the KB4Jeep campaign video content, and won 4 Telly Awards.

Hey Jeep, What Do Kelley’s Clients Think?

Jeep has sure heard it from professional voiceover talent Kelley Buttrick, but she also wanted the powers that be at Jeep to hear it from the people who hire her.


When Kelley Buttrick decided to go off-road with her marketing, the first step was to create a video campaign targeting Jeep marketing executives.  Inspired by Jeep ad campaigns of the past and Jeep vehicles of the future, Kelley and her team created eight videos promoting the Kelley Buttrick: A Voice for Any Terrain pitch.

A Jeep Chick

A Jeep Chick

When Kelley received one of her biggest VO paydays, did she do the responsible thing or the fun thing?

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Inspired by the generous spirit of the Jeep community, voiceover talent Kelley Buttrick decided to toss a common Jeeper phrase on its head, creating the video series Jeep Hair We Care.  Each ride features Kelley and her guest chatting about a charity of the guest’s choosing.

The major challenge was trying to get decent audio while driving Kelley’s topless Jeep Wrangler at optimum Jeep Hair speed.  While the audio isn’t great, everyone is having fun and drawing attention to worthy causes.


Voice talent Kelley Buttrick loves her Jeeps and the Jeep life. Her  #KB4Jeep campaign was the ideal opportunity to create content celebrating the 4x4ever community and the “We don’t make Jeep. You do” mantra.

From exploring the origins of the Jeep Wave to having a blast reintroducing her awesome stepdad to the Jeep life and from meeting inspirational Jeep Dogs to finding obscure connections between the prestigious Peabody Awards and Jeep, Kelley Buttrick has had a blast diving back into her creative side to highlight the brand she loves.

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