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Business Practice Playlist

T’ain’t What You Do (It’s The Way You Do It)

Performed by: Ella Fitzgerald
DJ: Kelley Buttrick, voiceover talent and owner of KB Voiceovers


3 Things to Do to Keep Your Clients Coming Back

In “T’ain’t What You Do (It’s the Way That You Do It)”, Ella Fitzgerald shares some great advice from her “ma” that absolutely works for running a successful business, too.

Clients don’t hire brands or businesses, they hire people. We are our brands, our businesses, so clients are hiring the way we do what we do, not what we do.

Here some things I do to retain clients:

Genuinely care about not only the project but also the people behind it. Think about how much is riding on this project for them. What kind of pressure are they under?

At the beginning of every voiceover session I ask for information about the project to give me an idea not only of the tone they want for the VO, but also to listen for subtler cues like whether they smile when they’re sharing details or if they sound frustrated.

It’s my job to do the VO, but the way that I do it comes from actually giving a flip about the project’s success and making the job of the person who booked me easier and hopefully pleasant.

Get Personal
Don’t be a creepy stalker, but make an effort to connect with your clients on a personal level if they seem receptive to it. Follow them on social media and engage with their posts NOT as a self-promotional tool but with genuine interest.

I count many of my clients as personal friends. Some come visit for SEC football games, and others I’ll swing by and meet in person just to say “hi” if my family is visiting their town. I enjoy my clients’ photos on Instagram and celebrate their work victories on Linkedin.

It’s my job to do their voiceover session, but the way that I do that comes from sincerely caring about them as people and wanting the project to be successful for them.

Say Thank You
Be grateful. Your client could have chosen a multitude of people to do what you do, but they picked you. Make sure you acknowledge that with some genuine gratitude.

I kick off every single voiceover session thanking the people in the room for booking me and tell them I’m looking forward to it (because I love what I do and really am looking forward to it). For some projects, I’ll sit down and send an old-school, hand-written thank you note.

It’s my job is do the recording session, but the way that I do it is with sincere appreciation for getting booked.

If you heed Ella’s ma’s advice, you’re well on your way to great client retention. What do you do to keep your clients coming back?

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